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Casting Host untuk Iklan Mobil

Casting Host

Casting Host untuk Iklan Mobil.

Casting criteria for the trax live event host.. :

  • Indonesian, FEMALE.
  • age mid 20's to mid 30's
  • fluent in english, as she will be receiving real time directions from the event director and quickly reacting to them.
  • experienced in hosting live radio shows, probably ones that invlove real time. Interaction wit the audience. Live phone cells, studio etc.
  • approachable, charming, wit strong memorable personality.
  • confident and independent show host wit the ability to create and control a high level of exicetement. Sustaining it all by herself. 
  • quick thinker. Capable of improvisation. Wit ability to instantly fill in any eventual action slow downs. Or technical drop outs wit humor and witty comments.

Note :

Ini buat iklan mobil. Mau host yang rame banget kayak Fitri Tropika. Gak mau yang emak-emak. Harus bisa ngajak penonton berargumen.

Media : tvc, all digital Electronic, internet and cinema.
Shooting (7 hari shooting):
25 februari 2016 : shoot day tvc promo.
11 mararet 2016 : tvc pre life promo
27 maret : shoot day for tvc pre record
03 april : shoot day for pre recorded footage.
10 april : weekend shoot 1. Live to air.
17 april : weekend shoot 2. Live to air.
24 april : weekend shoot 3. Live to air.

Waktu Casting :

Hari : Jumat - Kamis
Tanggal : 12 - 18 Februari 2016
Jam : 12.00 - 17.00 WIB
di Jakarta
Bagi yang merasa sesuai kriteria yang dicari, silahkan kirim sample video actingnya (durasi 10 - 15 detik) ke Instagram casting.id. Yang lolos seleksi video akan dipanggil untuk datang casting.